Tacx Fortius and Monark 839E protocol generator

I got fed up with the graphical user interface of the Fortius and wrote this simple application for generating training programs for the Catalyst application. When I got hold of a Monark Ergometer 839E I simply added a backend for that program as well.

Using the form below you can specify your workout session by giving a duration (on the form XXmYYs, eg 5m30s (5 minutes 30 seconds)) and the desired load in watt. This makes it much easier when constructing interval training sessions with hundreds different intervals. Define a desired interval and use copy-and-paste to duplicate it as many times as you want.

Let me know if you want a stand alone version of the program to run off line. Just send an email to jb@bevemyr.com.

To use the file on the Fortius copy the file to the programs folder where you find the other .pgmf files. On the Monark you need to use the "import" button to import the protocol.

  1. Tacx Fortius
    Monark 839E